A screenshot of the first FatC comic showing the original white background design of the site.
The first Fit and the Conniptions comic

As Granny Weatherwax might say, I ATENT DEAD.

Not only that, but it’s eighteen years now since I began Fit and the Conniptions.

I’m not sure who’s supposed to feel old.

The original idea was for a combined band and webcomic project, so I began with a comic, that being quicker and easier than putting a band together.

The first comic was uploaded on January 6th, 2006, and it’s still there over on the comics site, along with the other 782 I’ve drawn, or perhaps, more accurately, “drawn”, in that time.

783 comics works out at an average of between 43 and 44 comics a year, but when you consider that I managed three a week for most of the first several years and only produced one in the whole of 2023 plus not very many at all in previous recent years, well… yeah.

It’s got sporadic. I’m fine with that.

Despite various attempts to try different things at various points, the art style (or “art” “style”) of the comic hasn’t really evolved too much over the years, and in any case the comic side of the project is now very much Its Own Separate Thing with its Own Separate Website. I’m fine with that too.

The first full band gig was November 2006. It was a scratch outfit put together at the last minute and that lineup sadly never played together again. There’s video somewhere - I should probably try and dig that out ;)

It took me two and a half years to release the first Fit and the Conniptions album, Bless Your Heart, in 2008.

For financial and practical reasons, I cheated slightly on the band bit by playing all the instruments myself. It’s got a definite wobbly lo-fi vibe, but the songs are solid. The CDs sold out.

Have a listen:

Good lord.


Here we are.

It’s 2024 and work on the fifth FatC album is ongoing.

To be clear: I ATENT DEAD.