At long last I’ve got around to a complete overhaul of Hi! Welcome.

The old design was all very well for 2011 or so - the blog I wrote at the time suggests that I was very pleased with it then - but it was now no longer fit for purpose. Code rots in real time. You can watch it happening.

Firstly, the old site didn’t work on mobile phones. This meant that most people visitors will simply have thought the band was defunct - nothing says ‘band on hiatus’ in 2021 more clearly than a band website that doesn’t render properly on a phone. But the band is very much not defunct. Snoozing, perhaps, like many bands under lockdown, but not defunct.

Secondly, the big experiment of trying to have a combined band/webcomic thing is now, I think, very much over. I’m still going to draw the comics, and the comic is still called ‘Fit and the Conniptions’, but I’ve separated it out from the main band site into its own little silo, where it now lives. I’m keeping the latest comic on the front page of this site for the moment, but it’s at the bottom of the page and I might lose it at some point.

Finally, the blog needed a rework, and now it’s had one. Conflating the Wayne blog with the FatC blog wasn’t sensible, and Blogger is - for me - increasingly painful to use. So, I’ve now moved everything from there over to a new location, and added a new ‘News’ section here (you’re reading it now) for band specific posts.

Posts such as the one I should have - but for some reason did not - write about the recording and release of Old Blue Witch in 2017.