Press Kit


Old Blue Witch

Sleeping Beauty

Sweet Sister Starlight

Bless Your Heart / Four Song Demo sampler


Interviews: Music Manumit Podcast (July 2012), Tuxjam (May 2012), Hacker Public Radio (August 2011), Rathole Radio (May 2011).

Airplay: Losing track now, to be honest, but FatC tunes have been played on BBC Radio 6 Music, Radio New Zealand National, and Kanal Ratte FM in Germany, on podcasts such as sP’s Sentric Music Podcast, Erk FM, The Justin Wayne Show, Is This Thing On and Rathole Radio, and on internet radio stations including A couple of tunes from Bless Your Heart were included on DJ Kotau’s Linux Audio Best Of 2008 mix, available here.

If you have played Fit and the Conniptions on the radio or on a podcast, included it in a real or virtual mixtape, or written a review, good or bad, please let me know and I will add it to this page. Because you are totally reading down this far.